Affiliation No. 2132039
Affiliation No. 2132039

Understanding little children

Parents worry that certain ‘unacceptable’ behavior of their children like not sharing, dominating, becoming aggressive etc. may become a habit and eventually become part of their personality. However these behaviors are normal and part of growing up. Don’t overreact, condemn or criticize your children.

Being ‘self centric’ is normal behavior:

Children between the age of 3-5 believe that everything revolves around them. ‘I’ is the most important person in their lives. The views or interests of others don’t exist or hold any value for them.

Not sharing doesn’t mean being selfish:

When children refuse to share their toys or eatables, parents feel they are acting ‘selfish’. The only way children at this age feel secure is by showing that they ‘own’ the thing. So don’t be judgmental.

Boasting doesn’t mean being egoistic:

Children at this age love to talk, exaggerate, compare their achievements and expect appreciation. Maintain the delicate balance of praise and humility. Inculcate in the child the fundamental principle of ‘I am good, others are good’.

Creating stories doesn’t mean lying-

Children love weaving stories out of their imagination. They would make a simple trip to the market an adventure of sorts. These are however harmless exaggerations. Problem arises when children’s exaggeration is viewed as a lie. For a child, lying has no meaning. He is simply doing it out of innocence. Don’t label your child’s stories as lies.