Affiliation No. 2132039
Affiliation No. 2132039

Science :-

1.Collect different types of seeds and put them in a small bags. Attach thes bags in a scrap book and Label them.                                                                                                                          

2. Prepare Index cards for any four metals and non- metals. The card should have information like name of metal/non- metal. Its physical properties, chemical properties and its uses.

3. Collect the labels from the bottles of jams and jellies. Write down the list of contents printed on the labels in a scrap book.


Geo- Prepare a chart of the Human Made Resources.  

Civics- Name some of the members of the constituent assembly.             

 History- Find out the mercantile, Farman and puppet word.

IT :- [ in one file ]

 Make a list of different RDBMS, Queries in DBMS & Forms.


1.       Paste the picture and write down about any one  poet of chart Paper .

Poet   Rabindra nath Tagore, T.S Eliot, William Blake , Edward lear.

2.       Complete Sample Paper No 1 in Eng grammer book pg 225 to pg 230