Affiliation No. 2132039
Affiliation No. 2132039

The Library being a part of the curriculum has become an important tool in the propagationof academic advancement. School Library has four libraries stocked with ample reference material to inculcate love for reading. Our librarians and teachers encourage the children to choose books according to their taste. What cannot be completed in school can be at home. We find that our children are improving not only in the subject matter chosen for reading, but also in language, expression, vocabulary and fluency.

The school houses four libraries:
KG Library comprises of puzzle books, language books, interactive flash cards, comprehensive curriculum of base scales, three dimensional books on rhyming words, numbers, alphabets, opposites etc.

Classes I & II Library stocks fairy tales, fables, plays, and many more fiction books of great writers like Sally & Sam, Enid Blyton, James H. Fassel, John Gatehouse, etc.

Classes III to V Library stores books on fairy tales, short stories, fables, academic coverage, general knowledge, art & craft, etc.

Classes VI to VIII Library stocks books on quizzing, Science & Technology, books on English Fiction, Art & Craft, History books, Encyclopaedia and many other reference books.

Classes IX to XII Library stores books on English Fiction, Hindi Fiction, Science & Technology, Art & Craft, History books, Sample papers for the preparation of board exams, Encyclopaedias and many other reference books besides the syllabus books. From time to time books are added to our pre-existing voluminous stock.

We also have a magazine section where sports magazines and popular magazines like India Today, Reader’s Digest, Outlook and The Week are supplied.