Affiliation No. 2132039
Affiliation No. 2132039

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will the school provide the children with uniform, books and stationary?

The uniform shall be provided twice a year (summer and winter). Payment for the uniform has to be made at the time of admission. Book set shall be provided by the school and the cost is included in the school fee.

2) Does the school have computer facilities ?

The school has a computer room with adequate number of computers. Every child will have access to a computer.

3) Which board is the school affiliated to?

The school is affiliated to the CBSE board.

4) Are the teachers from the local area?

We hire highly qualified teachers from local area as it is more practical. They are trained and equipped on a continuous basis to deliver high quality education.

5) Are the children required to take tuitions after class?

The school imparts intensive education which is complete in itself. It normally takes care of all the education related needs of the children and our effort is to see that no tuition classes are required.

6) What is the fee and when is it payable?

The fee chart is available at the admission office.

7) Will there be seating arrangement for every child in the school?

Every child will have his/her individual sitting place. No child will be sitting on the floor or be made to stand.

8) Are there fans in the class room?

Every class room is equipped with a fan.

9) Does the school have a generator?

The school is equipped with a generator of adequate capacity to run lights, fans, smart class and computers.

10) Will there be drinking water available for children?

There is provision for pure drinking water for children.

11) What medical facilities will the school provide?

There is an infirmary in the school which will provide first aid to children.

12) Will the school provide bicycles for students?

The school does not provide bicycles to students.

13) Will the school provide mid day meals?

The school does not provide food to children. They have to bring their lunch box from home.

14) Will my child be able to understand subjects in English?

The curriculum of the school has been designed keeping in mind the background of children. The examples used in the curriculum have been taken from the environment in which these children are brought up. The students therefore understand and absorb the subjects with ease and comfort. Special emphasis is given on spoken English and a programme for the same runs in the school on a regular basis.

15) How will we, as parents, be able to support our children in their studies?

The school educates and makes all the parents understand the curriculum we follow at the school. You will be able to understand what, why and how we do impart education in the classrooms. The school and the parents thus work hand in hand.

16) Will our child be able to relate and adjust to the environment around him once he passes out of the school?

We encourage our students to develop skills and set up small industries in the local area itself. Children are given exposure to various industries in skills labs and shown how they can become entrepreneurs. This way, both the child and the community can progress.